There Is No End To Learning To Drive

There Is No End To Learning To Drive

by Henry Floyd |
posted 02 September 2017

Road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists know that passing your driving test is not the end of learning to drive. Driving development is an ongoing, life long experience.

They recognise that it’s important that young drivers don’t see losing their L-plates as the end of their driving development. Skill and knowledge come with experience. So, what are some of the things that younger drivers need to remember?

As part of learning to drive, it’s likely that you will have been taught how to do basic checks on your vehicle – tyre tread and tyre pressures; fluid levels; lights, mirrors and windows. It’s important that you spend a few minutes each week doing each of these checks in order to avoid a breakdown and drive safely.

As a young or new driver, shopping for car insurance can be a stressful task. But using comparison sites to shop around, and having a telematics box fitted will bring your premiums down. Further driver training will also help lower costs.

The law states that you are allowed up to 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood before you are over the drink-drive limit, but a ‘none for the road’ rule is better. And don’t forget the morning-after effect – there may still be enough alcohol in your system to land you with a conviction for drink-driving.

We all know that once you’ve passed your test you’ll be expected to taxi about groups of your friends here, there and everywhere. But passengers are known to be one of the greatest and most disruptive in-car distractions. Make sure you keep your concentration on the road, rather than on those in the passenger seats.

After all the hard work that you’ve done to get that valuable full drivers licence, keeping these in mind will protect it for you and help you to enjoy your driving safely.

Henry Floyd
Henry Floyd

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