Hidden Parking Charges Revealed

Hidden Parking Charges Revealed

by Jonathan Clensy |
posted 10 September 2017

British drivers are individually wasting nearly £148 each, every year, on unneeded parking charges and fines, that’s according to a recent research survey by Churchill Car Insurance. It reveals that drivers across the UK are wasting nearly £2.2 billion every year because they don’t have the right change to pay for parking.

It seems that an over-reliance on cards and mobile payments means fewer people carry cash, which helps explain why just under two-thirds, that is 62% overpay for parking because they don’t have the correct change. ‘Over spenders’ who buy more than an hour’s extra time every week that they do not need, will end up spending on average £2.68 per week more than they should. This works out at per person, £139.36 extra every year.

“Spending an extra £2.68 a week may not sound like a huge amount but it soon mounts up, with drivers throwing nearly £140 away every year,” says Steve Barrett, head of Car Insurance at Churchill. “That’s enough for a family day out or to make a decent dent in household bills.

According to the survey, the most annoying parking charges are those imposed in hospital car parks. Of those surveyed, 68% felt that being forced to pay when visiting hospital was wrong. Additionally, needing to pay for more parking time than needed and the general overall cost of parking were placed second and third as the top three biggest parking annoyances.

Entering your registration number so you can’t pass the ticket on to someone else if you have extra time and not being able to find a parking space large enough for your car to fit in comfortably are also in the top ten list.

Those who pay for parking spend £7.10 on average per week which mounts up to a staggering £369.20 each year. If you add that up across the UK, that’s £180 million every week or £9.3 billion every year.

Of course, the added annoyance of having to pay parking fines also hits the driver in the pocket. Across the whole of the United Kingdom, £223 million is collectively paid in parking fines, which on average equates to £29.96 per driver.

“In an age of contactless payment machines, it is a shame that drivers are still being short changed because they simply do not have the correct change,” adds Barrett. “Car parking companies and local councils should further embrace contactless technology and parking apps to make paying for parking as easy as possible.”

Jonathan Clensy
Jonathan Clensy

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