Good advice for mobile use from GEM road safety officer

Good advice for mobile use from GEM road safety officer

by Helen Jackson |
posted 08 March 2018

GEM Motoring Assist, says it’s time every driver accepts that using a mobile phone while at the wheel is not only illegal but also far too risky. The call comes as the road safety and breakdown organisation launch a survey to establish the latest thinking when it comes to road safety, driver behaviour, driver health and other current motoring issues.

Neil Worth, GEM Road Safety Officer, says holding and using any device while in control of a car is a potentially lethal distraction.

“We are seriously concerned by the arrogance of so many drivers who appear unconcerned about being caught and the impact it will have on them.”

He continues:

“We urge them instead to ‘kill the conversation’ and to remove the dangers their actions have created, both for themselves and for others.”

Gem reminds drivers that you are allowed to use a mobile phone only when you are safely parked. But you must switch the engine off and put the handbrake on. You should not pick up your phone in any other driving situation. This includes when you’re stationary at traffic lights or queuing in traffic.

The only exception to this is if it’s an emergency. If it would be unsafe or impractical to stop, you may call 999.

Gem suggests that you take a few minutes before a journey to make calls or to check voice messages and emails. Plan your journey to build in driving breaks. On these breaks, you can call, text or email or interact with social media in a safe environment. Work with friends, family, colleagues and work contacts and removing the expectation that you are available all the time, will help.

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Helen Jackson
Helen Jackson

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