Renault launches new PRO+ Commercial Vehicles

Renault launches new PRO+ Commercial Vehicles

by Helen Jackson |
posted 01 February 2019

Renault Pro+ Commercial Vehicles has launched two brand new products into its range of Master vans. The new Master Aluminium Tipper joins the existing steel body Tippers, while the new Master Luton Box Van range replaces the previous model and brings a tranche of improvements.

Renault Pro+ Master Aluminium Tipper

The new range of Master Aluminium Tippers gives customers a light-weight vehicle that has an increased payload over the alternative steel body Tippers. The Master Aluminium Tipper has undergone the same high levels of testing as its steel-bodied counterpart and features an improved payload of up to 150 kg.

Joining the new Master Aluminium Tipper range is a variant with a secure tool box between the cab and the Tipper body. This means materials and tools stay safe and dry while in transport and the driver has the benefit of a Tipper body. A large variety of accessories enable customers to build the precise Master Aluminium Tipper to suit their needs. Accessories include beacons, tow-bars, cages and tail-lifts.

Renault Pro+ Master Luton Box Van

The new range of Master Luton Box Vans gives customers a more competitively priced product compared to the previous model, with an increased payload.

A number of benefits make the new Master Luton Box Van attractive to customers. The payload is improved from between 40 to 60 kg, dependant on the version when compared to the previous model. The basic list price is £950 lower thanks to a price reduction and the Luton Box now being included in the vehicle’s standard specification rather than as an option. Additionally, the column-mounted tail-lift is compatible with the new Master Luton Box Van.

All versions of the new Master Aluminium Tipper and new Master Luton Box Van are available in the Renault Pro+ Business trim. This includes a variety of safety equipment, including ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution and Electronic Stability Control.


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