Bond 25: what will James Bond be driving?

Bond 25: what will James Bond be driving?

by Helen Jackson |
posted 10 May 2019

With the cast recently being announced for the 25th James Bond film, it’s got us thinking about Bond’s previous cars and thoughts turn to what he could be driving this time around…

The clear Bond car favourite over the years has of course been the Aston Martin. In Goldfinger, the DB5 that James was driving was equipped with necessary extras including the pop-out gun barrels behind the front indicator, the bullet shield behind the rear window to protect him as he fled scenes of trouble and, of course, what every intelligence officer needs - a three-way revolving front number plate to help avoid detection.

In The Spy Who Loved Me, we witnessed the Lotus Esprit S1 in action, a car also known as the Wet Nellie submarine car. Not only could it drive or sail underwater, but it was also equipped with rear-firing paint guns, sea mines and torpedoes, and infrared targeting.

Aston Martin’s latest DB11 is the backbone around which the rest of its range is being built. It is sleek and graceful rather than overtly aggressive, arguably the classiest car in the Aston range. Although in its top AMR V12 form, the Aston Martin-designed 5.2-litre V12 develops a breathtaking 630hp – enough for any wannabe James Bond.

The modern Bond doesn’t have everything his way when it comes to his choice of car. Aston Martin was required to reduce the average CO2 output of its models across the range or face punitive EU fines. So, it required that the DB11 be ‘downsized’. Though with this car, that means dropping the size of the required powerplant to 'just' 5.2-litres and adding twin turbochargers to it. Very 007.

With the next Bond film on the horizon for April 2020, what will he be driving this time around? Reports state Mr Bond could be seen in Aston Martin’s stylish – and all-electric - Rapide E which would put an end to the 57-year long gas-guzzling car reign. And although a one-off model was created for Spectre – the Aston Martin DB10 – reports suggest this might not be the case for the yet unnamed ‘Bond 25’.



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Helen Jackson

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