8 bizarre driving laws around the world

8 bizarre driving laws around the world

by Helen Jackson |
posted 01 November 2017

Most of us understand the laws of the road in the UK. They’re straightforward. But if you research driving laws around the world, there are some pretty bizarre ones out there for drivers to follow.

We take you through eight of the most bizarre driving laws around the world below.

1.    Fined for a dirty car in Romania and Russia

Sometimes, particularly in the winter months, washing your car can be the last thing on your mind – I’d rather watch Netflix any day. But in Romania and Russia you can face an on-the-spot fine if your vehicle is dirty. Get those buckets out.

2.    Make way for the animals in South Africa

The animals in South Africa are valued as much as the vehicles and pedestrians on the roads. You can face a hefty fine if you fail to stop or slow your speed for the passing animals.

3.    Don’t drive barefoot in Spain

In the UK we can drive barefoot, as long as you are able to operate the controls safely. In Spain, however, it’s a different story. Driving barefoot or indeed with flip flops on is illegal.

4.    Spare pair of specs in Italy

Carrying a spare pair of glasses might be second nature to many prescription glasses wearers. But if you happen to forget your spare pair when driving in Italy, you’ll find yourself in a spot of bother. It’s a compulsory requirement!

5.    Do not indicate entering Slovenia’s roundabouts

The RAC state that ‘drivers must not indicate when entering the roundabout – they must use the indicators when leaving it.’ How odd!



6.    Driving in France? You need a breathalyser

It is listed as a legal requirement that when driving in France you need to carry a breathalyser. What if you don’t have one? Well, if you’re pulled over you could face an on-the-spot fine of over £100! So if you’re thinking of a French road trip don’t forget to pack one.

7.    Keep your shirt on in Thailand

Thailand can exceed temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius, so it seems surprising perhaps that you can’t drive around shirtless. So if you’re thinking of hiring a scooter or a car on your holiday – bear this in mind!

8.    Do not drive blindfolded in Alabama (eh?)

Yes, you read that correctly. It seems more than a little bizarre that this must be stipulated. But just in case you were considering it, don’t. Also, do not try this in ANY OTHER country…



Helen Jackson
Helen Jackson

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