Specsavers and charity Brake sponsor Road Safety Week 2019

Specsavers and charity Brake sponsor Road Safety Week 2019

by Becky Harrison |
posted 07 August 2019

The focus will be on encouraging people to learn about, shout about and celebrate the design solutions that can enable everyone to get around in a safe and healthy way, every day. Specsavers’ support, alongside funding from the Department for Transport, allows Brake to produce resources and materials so organisations, schools and individuals can run awareness-raising activities and campaigns for free. 

Every 20 minutes, someone is killed or seriously injured on a British road, yet each of these tragedies is preventable. Road Safety Week 2019 will highlight how forward-thinking design of roads and vehicles can stop human error from causing death or serious injury, encourage walking and cycling, and help make sure the air we breathe is clean, working together to keep everyone safe, fit and healthy.

The week-long campaign will encourage everyone to ‘step up’ and play a part in the creation of a safe and healthy future in the following ways: 

  • Everyone can step up by pledging to use roads safely, minimise vehicle use and shout out for design-led solutions.
  • Schools can help young people step up and learn how to create a safe and healthy future and shout out for change.
  • Organisations can step up their policies and procedures to ensure they choose design-led solutions.
  • Emergency service professionals can step up to highlight their vital role in helping keep us safe.
  • Policy-makers can step up by developing and mandating proven design-led solutions.

Road Safety Week is supported every year by actions from campaigners, community groups, road safety professionals, companies and schools - who can now register for a free action pack via www.roadsafetyweek.org.uk. Resources will be available from September.

Becky Harrison
Becky Harrison

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