Smarter Uses for SKODA Tech

Smarter Uses for SKODA Tech

by Becky Harrison |
posted 08 September 2019

Both the SCALA and the KAMIQ now enable drivers to connect a smartphone to their car using wireless technology. They are the first models from the SKODA family to offer the new Wireless SmartLink technology.

Wireless SmartLink technology makes for an even more convenient use of Apple CarPlay or at a later date, Android Auto. In conjunction with the inductive charging feature of the optional Phone Box, this even enables completely wireless in-car smartphone use.

Up until now, SKODA drivers had to connect their mobile phones to their vehicles via a USB cable in order to be able to use the brand’s SmartLink technology. Selected smartphone apps then display on the infotainment system’s screen and can be controlled while driving.

However, the optional Wireless SmartLink technology for the compact SCALA and the new KAMIQ city SUV is now making smartphone integration and use even easier and more convenient.

The first time a smartphone is used, drivers have to establish a connection to the infotainment system via Bluetooth. Once this has been done, the phone will always connect automatically via Wireless SmartLink as soon as the driver enters the car, provided the Bluetooth function is activated. The smartphone is paired via Bluetooth; the data for mirroring is transmitted over Wi-Fi.

Additionally, with half of 17-24s year olds relying on their parents financially to keep them driving once they’ve passed their test, car-sharing parents can now use SKODA Connect’s handy geofencing function to let them know if their children venture further afield in the car than planned.

The SKODA Connect app features a geofencing service that enables parents to set an area on a map that they want their children to stay within when they borrow the car. Ideal for when the parents are on holiday this summer and don’t want their offspring at home racking up the miles driving up and down the country.

It works in one of two ways; users can set a green area on the map in which the car is allowed to move freely. The car owner will be notified via the app on their smartphone if the car moves outside this area. This means young ones can no longer give a vague description of their planned journey, such as ‘just popping to the shops’. Similarly, parents can identify a red area in which they don’t want the car driven at all.

What’s more, the geofencing function can be tailored to be active only on set days and times, in order to stop arguments over who is meant to have the car on certain days. The app enables multiple areas to be monitored and parents can have up to four area notifications active at the same time.

Becky Harrison
Becky Harrison

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