Ultimate road trip games to play with your kids

Ultimate road trip games to play with your kids

by Helen Jackson |
posted 11 January 2018

If you’re taking a road trip, particularly a long one, it can be difficult to entertain children and adults, alike. So, make sure you’re fully-equipped with exciting car games to help make that long drive bearable!

License plate initials

This game can keep your children entertained for hours. The game is what it says on the tin, everyone keeps a lookout for a registration plate with their initials. If the game becomes too easy or a little boring, change up the letters or numbers you’re looking for.

I Spy

This classic game has stood the test of time. No equipment needed, just a keen eye to scan the scenery. This is something everyone can join in with and is an all-time family favourite.

Road trip bingo

This is a straightforward and versatile game. If you’re travelling through the countryside, for example, it could be farm animal bingo, or dog breed bingo. All you have to do is create the items each player has to tick off and voila, you’re ready to go.

Name that song

Perhaps a game for slightly older children, you can either use a playlist you’ve made earlier, very Blue Peter-esque, or you could select a random playlist from your song streaming app of choice. This is a double-sided game, you’re guessing the tunes and you’re singing along to some great and varied music!

Need some songs to add to your travel playlist? Check out these 15 songs!

Story memory game

This game usually starts with ‘I went to the shops and I bought…’ or a similar sentence. Then each person in the car repeats the same sentence and tries to remember each person’s items listed. It starts out simple enough, but after a few rounds, it can get very difficult indeed!

Spot the Stobart

A common game played by road trippers surrounds Eddie Stobart – a British infrastructure and support services company. No, the game is not simply spotting a Stobart lorry or van – that would be too easy! Above the wheel arch on the driver’s cab, each lorry has a name. The game is to find each name on your list and the winner is the player with the most lorries ticked off before the end of the journey. You can access the list of the Eddie Stobart fleet here.

Road sign spotting

Equipped with a print out of the least-recognisable road signs can entertain the whole family for hours. Just spotting the unusual ones can make the game that little bit harder and more rewarding when you do spot one!


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