Seasoned drivers should set a good example

Seasoned drivers should set a good example

by Helen Jackson |
posted 11 January 2018

Young Driver provides lessons for 5-17-year olds at more than 50 venues across the UK. They are trying to encourage more seasoned drivers to set a good example for their younger peers.

They have undertaken research to see what fully-qualified drivers feel they haven’t ever got to grips with since they took to the roads. Or what bad habits they’d picked up.

Some bad habits that made the top 10 list included:

  • Checking the car
  • Phone usage
  • Road rage
  • Speeding
  • Conquering fear
  • Learning how to reverse correctly

However, a confident one in five (18 per cent) felt they were perfect drivers and that there is nothing they need to work on or change about their driving.

So what do the seasoned drivers feel is the main issue?

Worryingly, using a phone behind the wheel still emerges as a major concern. 13 per cent of drivers said they want to develop the habit of switching it off when they’re driving. One in 10 admitted to checking messages whilst at traffic lights, and eight per cent say they need to stop using their handset whilst driving.

Laura White, Head of Marketing for Young Driver observed:

“At Young Driver, our instructors obviously spend a lot of time teaching youngsters the right and wrong way to drive. But of course, children are watching and learning from their parents all the time. If you’re showing them it’s ok to take a call behind the wheel, or to get mad when another driver cuts in, they expect that’s how everyone drives.”

One in five newly-qualified drivers will have an accident within six months of passing their test. But research shows that starting them learning from a younger age can cut that risk in half. Young Driver has produced videos to demonstrate such things as parallel and bay parking, doing a turn in the road and reversing around a corner.

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Helen Jackson
Helen Jackson

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