Tips for driving in the rain

Tips for driving in the rain

by Becky Harrison |
posted 31 October 2019

With the arrival of wintery weather IAM RoadSmart believe all drivers should be reminded of some precautions they can take while driving in wet conditions. The organisations head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman says “with the British weather the way it is, we should all be well practised at driving in the rain. Keeping your car maintained and the rubber (wipers and tyres) in good condition will help you stay safe.”

Here are some further tips and advice:

  • When visibility is poor due to rain, sleet or snow it’s important to take it slow.
  • To help with visibility your windscreen should be clean, both inside and out and you should ensure that your wipers are effective.
  • Jets should be positioned correctly and aimed at the screen to allow you to clean your windscreen on the move.
  • A good rule of thumb is that if you need windscreen wipers, then you also need your headlights. As bad weather does not always trigger automatic light settings, it is your responsibility to turn these on when needed.
  • Ensure that the tread on your tyres is adequate as this can help lower the risk of aquaplaning caused by surface water on roads.
  • If you come across fast flowing water, such as flooding, do not attempt to drive through it as there is a real danger of your car being swept off the road.
  • If you do drive through water test your brakes afterwards to make sure they are dry and working properly.
  • Avoid splashing pedestrians. Even if this is done accidentally you could receive a fixed penalty and three points on your license. If deliberately done, it could be a public order offence, a court appearance and a fine.

Finally, Richard adds “In the recent extremes, we have seen that standing water and floods are becoming more commonplace, so take extra care and if possible, avoid driving through standing water. If you’re in any doubt about the depth or surface underneath a flood, then it’s best not to take any chances.”



Becky Harrison
Becky Harrison

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