6 tips that will come in handy for any car owner

6 tips that will come in handy for any car owner

by Helen Jackson |
posted 07 February 2018

As a car owner, some of the tips below might come in handy if, for example, you get stuck in traffic for a long time or you puncture a tyre. A lot of these tips could save you a bit of money, too. So have a quick browse and see if you can take some new ideas away with you.

You can fix small dents yourself

DIY dent reduction? How? We hear ask! Simply go out and purchase a plunger. The suction created by the plunger can help create a vacuum against the dent on your car and the plunger. Gently pulling on the plunger handle can help you iron out any dents free of charge – well, the cost of a rubber plunger…

Stop cracks in your windscreen from getting worse

You might have heard of the old clear nail varnish trick to stop a ladder from getting any bigger on a pair of tights – well it’s much the same idea when it comes to stopping your glass cracking further. Simply apply some clear nail varnish to the crack. This can stop it spreading further up your windscreen. Just an interim fix before you get it to the garage ASAP!

Always be prepared

The good old Scout Motto is one to live by when it comes to your car. You never know when you could be stuck in traffic for hours – all it takes is for someone to block the motorway lanes and you’re pretty much there for the foreseeable future. Don’t wait until this happens for you to create an emergency kit in your car. Your emergency kit could include snacks, water, medicine, a blanket, a pack of cards and maybe some hand warmers. Just think what you’d want if you were stuck on the motorway for hours and pack it away in your boot.

Learn the basics

Again, don’t wait until you’re stranded with no signal and a punctured tyre. Learn how to fix the basic things on your car – you never know when this knowledge will come in handy. Why not make It your New Year’s resolution to learn how to change your own tyre, how to check your oil and learn what all your car’s dashboard lights mean? Seemingly unimportant things like these can help minimise stress in these impromptu situations.

Keep your tyres topped up

With many new cars showing the owner what their current tyre pressure is and alerting them when they fall below recommendations, it’s now much easier for owners to keep their tyres in tip-top condition. If you’re one of many drivers that don’t think this air top-up is crucial just think of it this way – your tyres are the only thing keeping you on the road! Therefore, if they’re not cared for properly you’re endangering both your safety and the safer of other road users.

Not sure what your tyre pressure should be? Check it with Kwik Fit’s Tyre Pressure Search.

Easily remember which side you need to fill up

Surely, many of us have done this at some point. You pull into a petrol station and you’ve suddenly forgotten which side your fuel cap is located. Not to worry. On your dashboard, near your petrol gauge, you’ll notice a small picture of a petrol pump, next to the pump you’ll see a small triangular arrow discreetly pointing to your fuel cap side. Handy, right?


Helen Jackson
Helen Jackson

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