Computer System That Could Revolutionise Road Safety

Computer System That Could Revolutionise Road Safety

by Becky Harrison |
posted 13 February 2020

Shocking statistics reveal that more than 1.35 million people die each year in road traffic accidents, while anywhere between 20 to 50 million suffer non-fatal injuries. Connected vehicle experts at Autotalks have developed a £75 computer system to tackle this issue, with the hopes of revolutionising of road safety.

The new system utilises a chip which broadcasts a car’s location, direction and speed up to ten times per second. This allows cars to talk to each other and warn drivers there is a hazard ahead.

All other ‘connected cars’ in the surrounding area receive messages - and each vehicle can then estimate the risk imposed by the transmitting vehicle. If there is a potential hazard, such as a motorcyclist not slowing down for a junction, a warning will show up on the car’s infotainment screen.

Eventually, instead of just providing drivers with a warning, fully autonomous cars will take direct action to prevent a crash.

Vehicle To Everything

The technology is known as ‘vehicle to everything’ (V2X) and allows the car to talk to other vehicles along with infrastructure such as traffic lights and, eventually, mobile phones to help prevent pedestrians being involved in collisions.

Autotalks’ V2X system, which could cost as little as $100 (£75) to be installed on a new car, is being highlighted by Hyundai, whose Tel Aviv-based CRADLE team has invested in the company. It follows research by Hyundai which revealed 15 per cent of British motorists have had a near-miss in the past month after becoming distracted at the wheel.

The survey of 2,000 motorists also found that over the past month 25 per cent of drivers have had a near-miss with a pedestrian who walked into the road without paying attention. More than one in eight said they have nearly been involved in a crash with a motorcyclist over the past month.

Yaniv Sulkes, VP Business Development and Marketing at Autotalks, said: “Ultimately we all want to get from point A to point B safely and if you get an alert ahead of a potential hazard you can avoid the accident. That is the underlying principle of what we do.” It is anticipated the first wave of Autotalks chipsets will be fitted in cars from 2021.



Becky Harrison
Becky Harrison

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