Seat To Detect If You Fall Asleep At The Wheel

Seat To Detect If You Fall Asleep At The Wheel

by Becky Harrison |
posted 21 March 2020

SEAT is researching and developing artificial intelligence technology to combat driver fatigue and improve road safety.

SEAT’s Xplora team, in conjunction with Eyesight Technologies, has advanced technology that studies a driver’s eyes and head movement to detect if they’re falling asleep or distracted. It uses an algorithm which analyses the eye openness, angle of vision, blink rate and head position of the driver, along with other visual attributes.

“In total more than 90 per cent of the road accidents in Europe are caused by human factor,” said Stefan Ilijevic, the Head of Product Innovation at SEAT. “The main reasons include distraction and tiredness, excessive speed and alcohol and drugs. At SEAT we are working on solutions to prevent negligence behind the steering wheel and significantly reduce road accidents.”

Research has shown that driver distraction and tiredness are among the biggest dangers on the roads, contributing to 36% of road traffic collisions. Eventually, the software will be able to detect pedestrians and analyse whether the driver has spotted them as well.

SEAT is also working alongside Gauzy, which is developing an active glazing technology that adapts to the weather conditions. It gives the driver the ability to darken windows, within legal limits, to avoid being dazzled by the sun while lighten the windows in darker environments and weather conditions.

SEAT’s Xplora team searches for innovative companies which develop connected car technology and smart mobility services. Eyesight Technologies, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, uses advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence to improve road safety. Gauzy was started in the kitchen of one of its founders, who was looking for a way to make windows more private.


Becky Harrison
Becky Harrison

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