A Powerful Read

A Powerful Read

by Becky Harrison |
posted 23 June 2020

“The more Ingo Six competes, the greater the hunger to race; but the more he succeeds, the greater the danger his secret will be discovered”

Looking for summer reading and like the idea of a novel about post-war motor racing, WW2 and action/adventure? Then you might be interested to know that Welsh author Mike Breslin has just released his new novel, ‘Faster than the Bullet’, a follow-up to his successful 2014 book, ‘Pieces of Silver’.

‘Faster than the Bullet’ is set within the racing scene in Argentina and Italy in the 1950s, and also during the Second World War in Poland, Britain and Russia. “I wanted to tell a story of someone who is hiding, who has a terrible secret, yet also a talent that refuses to be hidden, and with my background that had to be for racing,” says Breslin, a motorsport writer and former Formula Ford racer. “Also, I’ve always been interested in how ordinary people behave when they find themselves caught up in extraordinary, and sometimes unimaginably horrific, events, and that’s the other driving force behind this novel.”

The narrative is split between the war in the ’40s and racing in the ’50s, alternating between both strands as the story develops, while encompassing cataclysmic episodes in history such as the Battle of Kursk and the Warsaw Uprising, plus the greatest road race of them all, the Mille Miglia.

“I think there is a strong link between the military and motor racing, particularly during the times this novel is set,” Breslin says. “You need only visit the Goodwood Revival to see that, while I also believe the success of Pieces of Silver shows this, too. For many, World War II aeroplanes and vehicles stir the soul in the very same way old racing cars can.

Faster than the Bullet is published by Pie Shop Publishing and is available on Amazon as a 440-page large format paperback (£11.99).



Becky Harrison
Becky Harrison

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