Interest In Learning To Drive Doubles

Interest In Learning To Drive Doubles

by Becky Harrison |
posted 02 November 2020

Interest in learning to drive has more than doubled since the beginning of lockdown restrictions in March as many people look to get out on the road and seek some independence. However, it’s clear that interest and demand has spiked dramatically in different areas of the UK, but where are the nations lockdown learners?

Topping the leader board was Middlesbrough, which saw the biggest rise in interest, with stats suggesting interest in learning to drive rose by 554% throughout March to June. There were also significant spikes in searches from residents of Chester (310%), Cheltenham (248%) and Norwich (236%). 

So why has this happened. Learner driver Lewis Barlow, 28, from Nottingham is clear about his reasons why lockdown reignited his driving ambitions. “Prior to lockdown I had to get two buses each way to work and as lockdown persisted and the severity of the current situation became clear, I realised that getting back on public transport to that extent was not a desirable option for me.” 

“Driving had always been something I’d been meaning to pick back up and this seemed like as good a reason as any. I’m definitely looking forward to being more autonomous and able to return to the office when that’s deemed appropriate.”

Lockdown has encouraged many people to re-evaluate their personal aspirations, with many using it as an opportunity to set new goals and targets for the coming months including career changes, health and fitness ambitions, as well as many using the extra time at home to hone a new skill such as driving.

Of course, there is more to learning to drive than just learning a new skill. For many people, learning to drive is the first step of real independence and offers the chance to escape the house without the reliance on a friend, family member or public transport. And after being cooped at home during the strictest periods of lockdown, it’s no wonder that many people have been desperate to explore new places and really embrace the chance of seeing new places when they can. 



Becky Harrison
Becky Harrison

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