Switch To WFH Helps Boost Campervan Sales In 2020

Switch To WFH Helps Boost Campervan Sales In 2020

by Becky Harrison |
posted 10 January 2021

Revolution Campervans, which produces campers on new or used VW Transporters, has witnessed a noticeable trend in 2020 of customers buying them as somewhere to work from home (WFH) and as a mobile office – then doubling as a base for camping adventures and staycations.

Kelly Smith, who owns her own candle and jewellery making business in Sussex, Billy’s Beach Hut, bought a Revolution campervan in the first lockdown to use for a mix of work and leisure.

“My brand is inspired by beach and vanlife, so sometimes I like to take my campervan to the local beach and make my jewellery with a view of the sea and a hot cup of tea. It’s also a great place to go if I need to do some work on my laptop with some peace and quiet,” said Kelly Smith.

Kelly will also use her campervan as a mobile shop when local markets and events start up again, plus trips with her family. Her new VW campervan replaced a vintage-style VW T2 camper, which inspired the logo of her business, as she needed the greater comfort and reliability of a new one which has a bespoke stripy roof and floor covering to match the design of her website.

Another customer, Chris Edge, the operations director of a house building company in Wales, bought his Revolution VW camper as he wanted to get out of the house during lockdown.

“The pandemic has changed my work pattern, and with all of us at home in the lockdown, my campervan is somewhere I can go to work and escape the distractions at home. I can park it on my drive (or anywhere) and use it as my home office. It’s got all the kit I need to use it as an office, such as USB points and a mains hook-up, plus the bonus of a fridge and cooker. It makes it really easy to work in. Some people build home offices in their garden, but a campervan is way cooler and I get the added benefit of weekend escapism. We live not far from the beach, so it’s great for a day out, and once it’s safe to do so, we’re planning to take it to France and Ireland. We replaced our other car with an electric vehicle, which is great for local trips, but for longer journeys we have the campervan. It was perfect for our trip to Cornwall last summer,” said Chris Edge.

Jonathan Norman, Managing Director of Revolution Campervans commented: “This year, we’ve noticed a definite trend of people buying campervans to use for work as well as pleasure. With so much of the population now working from home, and using their cars less, a campervan suddenly makes even more sense as an extra space to use to work in when everyone is at home, especially with distractions like home schooling going on.”


Becky Harrison
Becky Harrison

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