A Spa For Your Wheels!

A Spa For Your Wheels! *New

by Becky Harrison |
posted 29 April 2021

Dreaming of that perfect getaway? The nice hotel, the buffet breakfast, the days by the pool? Ever thought your tyres might be feeling similar?

Well, a Chorley-based wheel repair and refurbishment business – which prides itself on its quality of care and standard of service – has just built the UK’s first 5-star Hotel & Spa for your wheels. It’s calling it the go-to destination for your wheels to relax, rewind and recuperate after a busy season of ferrying you about.

DA Techs came up with the idea through working with thoughtful car owners, many of whom follow sound advice to keep a set of Summer and Winter tyres and get them changed every March / April, and again in October / November, as each new season rolls around.  However, the storage of these spare tyres often takes up a large amount of space in any ordinary garage and the requirement to keep tyres cool, dry, well ventilated and away from direct sunlight, to prevent the quality from becoming affected, can become a difficult one.

So, instead, the easy solution provided by DA Techs is that customers can now sign their tyres into the new ‘Hotel & Spa’, where they will be stored, with any damages repaired, and fully treated to be brought back up to manufacturing standard. In other words, some serious TLC will take place!



Becky Harrison
Becky Harrison

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