Use Your Ford For Parcel Drop-Off

Use Your Ford For Parcel Drop-Off

by Becky Harrison |
posted 08 October 2021

As many return to the workplace, the likelihood of missing crucial deliveries increases. Even those at home may prefer not to interrupt a conference call or other activity to answer the door.

With the boom in online shopping, and the resulting challenge for logistics companies to create more efficient and safe deliveries, Ford and Hermes UK have come up with a solution. Why not have parcels delivered to your car, where they will be safe, dry and can be picked up when convenient?

Launched in selected areas of the UK this month, the Secure Delivery to Vehicle pilot will enable parcels to be delivered directly to vehicles located at the owner’s home address. The project also speeds up deliveries by saving drivers from having to knock on doors, climb stairs or find a neighbour to take the parcel when you’re not home.

The delivery-to-vehicle option is offered to customers with FordPass, expanding the range of connected services already available via the app. The option comes at no extra cost and ensures social distancing requirements are adhered to. As the pilot expands, Ford and Hermes UK hope to increase the number of participants and broaden the project’s scope, such as by offering “returns” from the vehicle and enabling vehicle deliveries at other locations, for example at the customer’s work address.

How it works

When shopping with selected retailers, those taking part in the pilot will have “delivery-to-vehicle” as the standard option for delivery and provide details of its location. Customers will also be able to have a home delivery, if preferred.

Once the delivery driver is within 300 metres of their destination, the exact location of the customer’s vehicle is displayed on the Hermes app. Within 50 metres, the driver scans the barcode on the customer’s parcel to create a one-time unlock token for the vehicle. This enables the driver to unlock the boot and deposit the package. 

For added security, if the delivery driver fails to lock the vehicle after making the delivery, the vehicle locks automatically within a set time period.

Locating the vehicle and remote unlocking/locking is enabled through permissions granted by the recipient via the FordPass app. If the vehicle is not within 300 metres of the selected delivery-to-vehicle address, the parcel is delivered to the recipient’s home address. This also applies to parcels that are too large to fit in the vehicle.



Becky Harrison
Becky Harrison

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