Bad Habits Of British Drivers

Bad Habits Of British Drivers

by Becky Harrison |
posted 15 October 2021

New research published this week has exposed the bad habits of British drivers, showing just how many people behave badly behind the wheel. From irritable to illegal, the stats prove that Brits aren’t always the polite, reserved nation we are famed to be.

Speed is a recurrent issue coming up in the study, commissioned and executed by used car buying and finance service, Choose My Car. Over half of British drivers believe the speed limit on motorways is too low, while over 20 per cent believe it should be raised to as high as 100 mph. Shockingly, 97% of drivers admit to going over the speed limit, with 23% of UK males driving over 100 mph and nearly 10 per cent of males reaching speeds of 120 mph or more!

And it’s not just the motorways that see irresponsible speeding. More than a third of all UK drivers admitted to speeding in residential areas, despite the risk to pedestrians.

Worryingly, nearly 20 per cent of UK drivers admit to driving over the drink driving limit, despite large scale campaigns against this illegal habit. And another 13 per cent confess to using their phone to read or send messages while driving. Both of these fall under the dangerous driving bracket and can lead to a prison sentence if an accident is caused.

But it’s not just the illegal habits we can’t break. The research showed that:

  • Nearly 10 per cent of drivers have parked in a designated parent and child parking space (despite not having a child).
  • Nearly 20 per cent have stuck the V sign up to another driver that annoyed them.
  • Half of all UK drivers have honked their horns at another driver.
  • 12 per cent have jumped a red light
  • A fifth of all male drivers have admitted using their car as a place to have sex.
  • Half (51%) of drivers support a speed limit increase to 80mph
  • 29% of drivers support speed limit increase to 90mph
  • 21% of drivers support speed limit increase to 100mph



Becky Harrison
Becky Harrison

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