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posted 17 November 2021

Online searches for holiday car rentals have been increasing since October, with more of us wanting to explore on our travels abroad. But did you know, there could be hidden costs within the reams of paperwork you have to complete before driving off? To help, travel experts at reveal five of the most common costs and how to avoid them:

   1. Insurance

Basic insurance is usually included when hiring a car abroad.  But it often comes with a hefty excess, sometimes close to £2,000, which you’ll have to pay if the car is damaged or stolen. When collecting the car, you may have the option to take out a  ‘super collision damage waiver’ which decreases the excess that you would pay should something go wrong and you need to make a claim.

   2. Fuel

Most providers have a full-to-full policy, meaning they’ll hand the car over to you with a full tank of fuel and expect you to return the car with the same amount in the tank. If you don’t, you could face an extra charge as the company will have to refuel the car themselves.

   3. Delay

Your agreement will be for a fixed number of days, often at a daily or weekly rate. If you’re late returning the car, no matter what the circumstances are, you could be charged a pre-agreed fee.

Most rentals work in 24-hour periods, so if your agreement begins at 11am on the day of pick up, the car often needs to be returned by 11am on the agreed day. If you bring the car back in the afternoon, you’ll likely be charged for a full extra day.

   4. Age

Younger and older drivers could face extra charges or higher fees because of their age, as they could be considered a higher risk behind the wheel. It’s worth shopping around with different providers and checking the terms and conditions before you sign on the dotted line.

   5. Admin

Car rental companies will often charge admin or processing fees if they have to deal with any issues from your rental, like speeding or parking fines, damage repairs or cleaning the car once it’s returned.

Content Team
Content Team