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posted 13 December 2021

New research from leading motorhome and campervan rental company Camptoo has found the 10 most popular motorhome accessories owners can buy at a reasonable price to kit out their vehicle during the offseason. 

Data was gathered using search trend data analysis over the last five years and the number of articles written about each item. Solar panels, reversing cameras and portable WiFi all feature on our list with every item available for £100 or less. Here’s the full breakdown of 2021’s most popular accessories for motorhomes and campervans…

Solar panels

Portable solar panels have become more and more popular with campers over the last few years, providing an environmentally friendly way to use power for all the essentials while you’re on site. Coming in a vast array of sizes, price is very much dependent on how big the panels are. We found that on average, you can get portable 100w panels for around £100, which is extremely reasonable considering they vastly reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on paying for a power hook up. 

Reversing camera

A handy bit of tech for bigger vehicles, reversing cameras are starting to come as standard in a lot of newer models. But if you own an older version, they can be bought for around £50 which could save you a lot of hassle when navigating your way out of a cramped space. 

Portable shower

With most motorhomes coming with showers installed as standard, this one is more applicable to campervan owners and could be well worth the £25 investment. Vehicle owners will be well versed in the often sub-par conditions of on-site washing facilities, so having your own shower provides the perfect solution to avoiding the communal area. 


Getting a signal is more often than not a problem in the remote areas where the vast majority of campsites are located, making wifi a very handy accessory for keeping in touch with people on your travels. A decent portable WiFi setup will cost about £70 but is invaluable for keeping the family entertained while you’re away. 

Portable BBQ

What better way to round off a day of hiking and exploring than firing up the grill! Portable BBQ’s allow you to do just that. Compact and easy to store away, they take up minimal space in your vehicle and you can use them just about anywhere. A good one only costs about £30 and is a great investment for anyone looking to feed several people efficiently.

Content Team
Content Team