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posted 15 December 2021

UK, breakdown cover provider, Green Flag, has released winter weather driving tips to help drivers stay safe on the road.

Green Flag’s Tips for Driving in the Unpredictable UK Weather:

  1. The three-second rule: Keep a three-second gap to the car in front. When that car passes a landmark, count slowly to three. If you pass the same landmark before you get to three, you’re too close. Slowing down a vehicle on icy roads can take three or four times longer than you might expect.
  2. Plan ahead: Plan your route and check for disruption that would cause you issues, such as road closures or delays.
  3. Stick to gentle movements: The trick to keeping control on a slippery surface is to be gentle with your actions when accelerating or breaking. The more sudden the action, the more likely your car is to break traction.
  4. When not to break: If you feel your car starting to slide, avoid touching the brake. Try to steer in the direction you’re sliding to prevent the car spinning.
  5. Be constantly aware: You need to make sure you are expecting the expected, winds can cause movements on the roads and therefore, staying alert will save you and others.


If driving in wintery conditions isn’t avoidable, Green Flag has shared its top five supplies drivers should carry, in case their vehicle breaks down this winter:

 Reflective jacket

  1. Phone and charger
  2. Boots and a warm coat
  3. Waterproof trousers
  4. Blankets, food and water



Content Team
Content Team