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posted 17 December 2021

With 10 million electric vehicles being driven around the world, a new study has looked at the most expensive places around the world to buy an EV, with Singapore the most costly at £104,530, and Spain the cheapest at just £17,733. The UK is the 22nd cheapest, with an EV costing over £70k less here, than it does in Singapore, but £8,000 more than Spain. looked at the price of buying the cheapest currently available model of the  Nissan Leaf (one of the most widely available electric vehicles) across 53 countries, to identify how the cost of buying an electric car stacks up across the globe. You can view the research in full here:

Further findings highlighted:

  • The top three cheapest countries to buy an EV are all in Europe (Spain, Malta, and Norway). 
  • Spain is currently the cheapest place to buy an EV, at £17,733, due to a Government subsidy scheme to encourage sales. Similarly, the second cheapest place, Malta, also has a Government grant in place.
  • Buying a Nissan Leaf in Singapore costs an astonishing £104,530, whilst buying an EV in the second most expensive country, Argentina, is over half the price. 
  • A new Nissan Leaf purchased in the UK costs £25,995, £78,535 less than Singapore, the most expensive country.


Content Team
Content Team