Delivery time pressure creating problems with driver fatigue

Delivery time pressure creating problems with driver fatigue

by Helen Jackson |
posted 14 May 2018

Increased pressure on delivery times is creating greater problems in the motoring industry with driver fatigue. In fact, according to a new SmartWitness survey, one in six drivers have admitted to falling asleep at the wheel.

 SmartWitness Chief Executive Paul Singh said:

"Driver fatigue is one of the biggest killers on our roads and we need to be doing far more to raise awareness of this major threat to road safety. Increase pressure on delivery schedules due to the internet has put more pressure on drivers to carry on driving when drowsy and at risk of nodding off.”

47% of those surveyed said they had been a danger to themselves or other road users as a result of tired driving at some point since passing their test. Only 48% of drivers admitted heeding Government warnings and always stopping to take a break when they are tired.

Singh continues:

“This is as dangerous to other road users as drink driving or talking on your mobile phone. It is vital that employers recognise this problem and implement new technology to spot when their staff are too tired to drive, and alerts for the drivers so that they know themselves.”

SmartWitness has devised a new system that recognises that the driver’s eyes are not on the road and sends out alerts to wake them up. The DDC100 unit is about 8cm long by 7cm tall and sits on the dashboard, and can be fitted to cars, van or HGVs.

It uses facial recognition software to detect when the driver’s eyes have looked away from the road for more than three seconds. It then sends out an audible alert. It also recognises when the driver is using a mobile phone at the wheel and is distracted for other reasons whilst driving.

Tiredness-related collisions are three times more likely to be fatal or result in serious injury. This is because of the high impact speed and lack of avoiding action. It has been estimated that driver fatigue is a contributory factor in as many as one in five driver deaths every year.


Helen Jackson
Helen Jackson

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