Survey says British drivers are baffled on foreign roads

Survey says British drivers are baffled on foreign roads

by Helen Jackson |
posted 12 June 2018

Brits are left baffled when driving around the continent, as four in five struggle to correctly identify foreign road signs whilst driving abroad, according to a new study.

The study was commissioned by easyJet and Europcar and revealed that out of the 2,000 British motorists asked, many are baffled when driving abroad.

What are the biggest challenges for British holidaymakers when driving abroad?

-          59% of people said driving on the right-hand side of the road

-          44% cited identifying foreign traffic signs was their biggest challenge

-          51% said understanding foreign rules and regulations was tricky

-          25% of Brits were worried about knowing the difference between kilometres and miles per hour

The research also reveals that a European road trip is on the bucket list for 55% of all Brits and 35% are planning on driving abroad this Summer.

Kim McDonnell, Head of Proposition at easyJet says:

“Brits are in holiday mode once they’ve boarded a plane, but a car at their arrival destination gives them the freedom to enjoy and create their own holiday. Our research shows that Britons love the notion of road tripping across Europe because it offers flexibility and spontaneity.”

Gary Smith, Managing Director, Europcar UK Group says:

“We’re a nation that loves travelling and there’s nothing more exciting than taking to the road abroad and exploring the landscapes and enjoying the sites en route. We pride ourselves on our car hire service as it allows travellers to relax and enjoy their holiday, in the full knowledge that their mobility needs have been addressed.”



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Helen Jackson

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