Driving with your dog this summer? Here are 13 top tips!

Driving with your dog this summer? Here are 13 top tips!

by Helen Jackson |
posted 07 August 2018

There are things that drivers can do this summer to ensure their pets are safe while travelling, no matter what the distance. Here is some advice from Skoda:

  1. Never leave your dog alone in the vehicle so they don’t get anxious or overheat
  2. In hot weather, always leave the window slightly open when driving to provide fresh air for your dog. Summer can be a very dangerous time for dogs on their travels
  3. Always carry food and water with you to keep your dog hydrated
  4. Invest in appropriate pet restraints, such as a pet barrier or seat belt, to ensure your dog remains in the back of the car throughout your journey
  5. On long journeys and hot days, take regular breaks to provide water for your dog
  6. Where possible exercise your dog with a short walk during your breaks
  7. When the vehicle is moving, don’t let a dog hang its head outside car windows, no matter how much they enjoy it!
  8. Before embarking on a long journey, take your dog on short journeys to get them used to travelling in the car
  9. Keep a close eye on your pet when travelling to make sure they are not showing signs of travel-related problems such as barking, whining, jumping, salivating, vomiting, cowering or restlessness
  10. If your dog is nervous when travelling use reward-based training methods. If you continue to have problems visit your vet or a clinical animal behaviourist
  11. Make sure there aren’t any loose items that could harm your dog in the boot or on the back seat of your car
  12. Bring their favourite blanket or toy to help relax your dog
  13. Dogs travel better without a full stomach so it’s best to feed them more than two hours before you set off

Skoda is known for its pet practicalities and all cars feature ample boot and cabin space for a comfortable journey. Dog accessories such as the dog seatbelt and hammock are part of the Skoda accessories range and are easily fitted to the seatbelts and headrests so that pets can ride safely and comfortably while on their road trip.


Helen Jackson
Helen Jackson

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