Best Gifts for a Car Mad Dad on Fathers Day

Best Gifts for a Car Mad Dad on Fathers Day

by Henry Floyd |
posted 13 June 2017

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and don’t tell me… You’ve left getting him something till last minute (as always), well don’t worry about it! If you have a car mad dad like me then I’ve got the right list for you, a selection of car related gifts that would keep any dad happy… 


Always think ‘safety first’, show that you care with this car driving safety kit.

Car Saftey Kit


Maybe he’s going for a dinner, maybe he’s dressing up like 007? Who knows, but these would look pretty dam good on a tux.

Car Cufflinks


What’s better than chocolate, a car with chocolate inside of course!

Chocolate Car


You know he’s the best dad, so why not let everyone else know?

World's best dad car sign.


It’s a fact that all dads love tea and lots of it! So this would go down a treat.

Car Fuel Mug


Maybe your dad is into his tech too? Well tech for his car would be a good combination.

Car dashcam.


There's so much more to choose from and so many more ideas too, maybe you could set him up to have a driving day in an Aston Martin, maybe you could just wash his car. But I'm sure, whatever you do or get for him, it'll be greatly apricated

Henry Floyd
Henry Floyd

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