Top Car Essentials For a Festival

Top Car Essentials For a Festival

by Henry Floyd |
posted 21 June 2017

The suns out there’s clear skies, the pollen is high… It must be the festival season!

With so many festivals to choose from with the likes of Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, V Festival, Isle of Wight, and so many more! There’s a lot or preparation to be done, but let us help with a short list of the top car essentials to take with you for the long journey!

Music/Playlist: It could be your own playlist or you could have a designated car DJ by your side with Spotify and the aux cord to hand! Depending which festival you’re going to you may be listening to some Radiohead, Muse, or P!INK to get you into that festival mood!

Car sweets: Why not make the journey go a little sweeter? No car journey is complete without some sweets; hard boiled ones normally go down a treat!

Sunglasses: Now if you’re driving at night this doesn’t apply to you, but some of you will be getting up very early to miss all those long queues on the M6 (although we all know everyone will have the same idea!) This time of year, the sun is out all day for hours on end, so a pair of dark sunglasses will help while driving – Safety first!

Car checks: Better safe than sorry, it’s a good idea to give your car the once over. A few checks could be for how the battery is, if you have any oil or water leaks, also might be good checking your air conditioning is working! - You can find a full list of helpful car tips here.

Water: Speaking of the warm weather, it’s a very good idea to keep a few bottles of water in your car for the journey down, sitting in a car with the sun blazing isn’t the best feeling in the word.

Maps: This will probably be your designated DJ doing this, but just remember where you’re going and if not let your friend direct you the best they can.

Food: It’s always a great idea to take an assortment of snacks with you, if you’re travelling far you’re going to get hungry at some point! Alternatively, you could stop at a service station and buy something there, but the prices of service stations are a little pricey, to say the least.

Tickets: Probably the most important thing on the whole list, the tickets! If you forget these well… That’s it really.

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Henry Floyd
Henry Floyd

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