Always be Prepared and Plan Ahead for Festivals

Always be Prepared and Plan Ahead for Festivals

by Henry Floyd |
posted 04 July 2017

It’s that time of year again, the Festival kind! Whilst the focus is on the music, drink and dancing whatever the weather, it’s still wise just to give a few driving safety measures some thought. IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s leading road safety charity has some advice…

It's best to set off quite early to ensure you don’t get caught up in queues arriving or leaving the festivals. Delays and harsh weather is the last thing you’ll be wanting after a few days in a field. It can lead to frustration and annoyance not only perhaps from yourself but other festival goers/road users too.

Getting enough sleep is important, as crashes due to fatigue are very common. No sleep or a few snatched hours in a soaking tent is not the best preparation for a long drive home. If you start feeling tired when you’re halfway there then just pull into a service station and catch some winks, better safe than sorry! Or if you feel tired beforehand then stay for as long as you can to recharge those batteries before you leave.

Of course, Festivals are notorious for more than just the music, drinking is bound to happen at some point, it just goes with the territory. Having a designated driver is a clever idea, and if that is the case then it’s no drinks for at least 24 hours before they get behind the wheel, safety first.

Make sure that when you leave your vehicle, it is secure and locked up. Even if your vehicle is parked miles away from the actual festival, it’s still best to be safe than sorry. Don’t leave anything of value in view and cleaning off any Sat Nav ring marks doesn’t take that long and can make your vehicle less of a target.

When packing, pack for the best and for the worst… Well it’s a festival so we’ll say just pack for the worse! (although Glastonbury was quite dry this year, surprisingly) Make sure that you have some extra clothes and extra food and bottled water. You never know what might happen in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere – be prepared.

Richard Gladman, Head of Driving and Riding Standards at IAM RoadSmart said: “Festivals are about fun, great music and new experiences. If you can take public transport then do so – festivals often offer bus and rail tickets and free park and ride. If you must drive remember that no matter how great you feel, the law is the law and driving drugged, drunk or tired will ruin everyone’s summer.”

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Henry Floyd
Henry Floyd

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