bmw edrive concept

bmw has introduced its electrical assisted drive train called edrive which boasts impressive performance and, when driven in purely electrical mode, is emissions-free. bmw refer to this as 'emission free locally' because the vehicle doesn't generate any additional emissions when being driven although each charging of the battery from the national grid will have caused associated emissions. these newly-developed synchronous electric motors provide enormous torque that remains constant throughout the vehicle's acceleration to maximum speed.

bmw edrive concept

The combination of a lithium-ion high-performance battery, an electric motor and an intelligent energy management, the BMW eDrive concept drivetrain provides a modern, flexible driving experience with incredible acceleration.

All vehicles with the BMW eDrive technology will derive energy for electrical driving from a high-tech electrical battery. This powerful lithium-ion high-performance battery combines with a cooling system that keeps it at an optimal operating temperature and increases its performance and operating life expectancy.

The lithium-ion high-performance battery has a very long life expectancy. The battery can be recharged whenever needed: a regular 220 volt socket is sufficient to supply the battery with a fresh charge. The vehicle's range however is increased significantly thanks to the intelligent energy management system that controls the brake energy regeneration system. The brake energy regeneration system ensures that energy released when braking or slowing down is saved in the lithium-ion high-performance battery, where it's available to increase the vehicle's overall performance at any time.

The electric motor in the BMW eDrive concept has been development by the BMW Group and is an integral part of all electrically-powered BMW models. On a fully-charged battery, the electric motor is capable of a maximum range of around 30km in purely electrical driving, i.e. in the BMW Concept eDrive mode. Consequently, everyday distances around town are made possible with zero emissions. In addition and depending on the driving needs, the electric motor's powerful boost function can also be used immediately to achieve particularly powerful acceleration when overtaking.

At the heart of the BMW eDrive concept is its intelligent energy management system. This coordinates the interaction of all elements within the BMW drivetrain components with the synchronous electric motor. In addition, it controls further functions from BMW EfficientDynamics that are specially coordinated for drivetrains with a synchronous electric motor.

In addition, navigation data is used to calculate the optimal time to start driving electrically or charging the battery depending on the most suitable route and driving situation. This can save up to ten percent of the vehicle's energy and allows the driver to travel for longer completely electrically.

Selecting ECO PRO mode, a press of a button is all it takes to engage all the vehicle's systems towards efficiency and make intelligent use of its energy reserves. To do this, the management system reduces the comfort functions according to need. In addition, the driver also receives tips for efficient driving through the car's control display to help increase its maximum range.