car imports what you need to know

thinking about a personal european import for your next car? here are a few of the points you'll want to consider - and some of the questions that any reputable importer ought to be able to answer

Firstly, are you looking for a new or a previously owned model and can the company in question offer both options?

Which manufacturers' ranges would you like to choose from and what choice can the importers provide?

What savings are you likely to enjoy?

Does the specification of your chosen car differ from that of those available in the UK?

At this point you may well find that the imported vehicle comes complete with full UK specification. If so, you'll need to know if it:

Is UK-registered

Has a valid manufacturer's warranty

Comes with additional benefits, like roadside assistance cover, for example.

When you've decided which vehicle you want, most importers will quote an all-inclusive fee. This should cover:

the transportation of the car


number plates


When it comes to quality assurance, potential buyers will be pleased to know that all imported vehicles undergo an SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) test. This means that, if any part of the vehicle does not have a type approval mark accepted by the EEC, the vehicle fails.

Having completed this check, the vehicle also undergoes a stringent test that covers all aspects of braking, lighting, emissions, vision lines and so on.

Most reputable Importers should be able to provide provide:



servicing, repairs and parts

test drive facilities

customer care