caravan and motorhome servicing

just like all vehicles, caravans and motorhomes need regular servicing to keep them in reliable and safe. many motorhome and caravan dealerships offer comprehensive workshop facilities covering all aspects of maintenance. some garages, too, also provide motorhome servicing and repair providing their workshops are large enough to accommodate these vehicles.

caravan and motorhome servicing

Motorhomes are based on vans while the largest examples are derived from light trucks, so with engines and gearboxes, there are additional servicing requirements. There are, however, other areas to be concerned about, too. There's its electrical system along with all the appliances found today in every modern caravan or motorhome. These all need to be inspected, ideally at least once a year.

To ensure your safety and comfort along with the reliability of all on-board systems, thorough annual tests and checks should be performed on water systems, the gas supply and all appliances along with efficiency tests on 240 volt mains and 12 volt onboard electrical systems

Possibly the most important checks of all are those concerning on-board gas supply systems as there have been deaths resulting from CO2 gas poisoning. As a responsible caravan or motorhome owner, you'll know that it's vitally important to maintain its gas system properly to avoid such a disaster. Regular inspections are a must and tests and servicing should be carried out on your gas appliances by fully qualified, registered technicians, and that includes the gas hob, fridge, space heater and water heater.

Condition checks on fire and safety equipment should also be carried out at least once a year along with tests on security, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Inspections should also be performed on the type and expiry date of fire extinguishers, the location of fire blankets and operational function of any DIY additions.

Many owners seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that their motorhome insurance cover is likely to be void without a current Habitation Certificate. What's more, a certificate will help to safeguard their investment in the long run.

Bearing all this in mind, it's obviously beneficial for all caravan and motorhome owners to ensure that their home from home receives a regular, professionally Habitation Service check to find any problems while they're still small. Then any potential troubles can be found before they actually surface. Why not contact your dealer for details.