citroen and teletrac

saving fleet customers money and improving driver safety

citroen and teletrac

By adopting Teletrac in its fleet vehicles Citroen has managed to outperform most other van manufacturers in the UK in terms of the volume of sales. It's one of the first van manufacturers to offer fleet operators a fully integrated navigation system that enables drivers to remain directly connected to a call centre.

By simply touching a button drivers are able to stay connected to this call centre at all times. In addition to entering destinations easily via a colour touch screen, Teletrac's Smartnav(r) system also allows drivers to speak to an operator live at any time of the day.

All routes placed within the system are dynamic, which means that drivers are guided through traffic congestion and anything else that could possibly slow or interrupt their journey.

Fuel costs have risen hugely in the UK and Teletrac's Smartnav(r) continues to save Citroen users thousands of pounds in fuel costs per year. The system also enables fleet operators to save an excess of six hours of maintenance work per vehicle per month and ensures that businesses make substantial savings on fuel expenses while lower carbon emissions mean lower tax.

Smartnav(r) has provided considerable navigational assistance to Citroen drivers since 2006. It has saved fleets more than 100,000 hours of work (14,311 working days) in the past year alone. On average, Citroen drivers downloaded 5.5 routes from Smartnav(r) per month, while the top 30% of drivers downloaded over 21 routes per month. The Smartnav(r) system also features a "breakdown" button in the event that drivers require assistance. Over the past 12 months 211 emergency calls were made by Citroen van drivers through Smartnav.

Teletrac's Smartnav(r) system not only cuts cost for fleet operators, it also enhances driver safety by through the use of safety analytics. Drivers are assigned an all-inclusive safety score based on their propensity to perform harsh braking and cornering manoeuvres. Violent acceleration, excessively speeding and stop sign infringement are also taken into consideration.

Over 97% of Citroen vehicles tracked by Teletrac's Stolen Vehicle Recovery System have been recovered within an hour. Currently, there is no other van company in the United Kingdom that offers standard vehicle tracking.

Here are a few fascinating facts collated over a period of a year. No fewer than 211 emergency calls were made by Citroen van drivers through Smartnav(r) which provided approximately 3.8 million routes for Citroen drivers. The Smartnav(r) Personal Assistants also downloaded 37,955 routes personally to Citroen drivers.