classic cars

so what is a classic car? a difficult question to answer and if you try it is bound to find disagreement with one or other of the various groups and organisations interested in these vehicles. suffice to say that the term 'classic car' is now accepted as applying to any vehicle over 15-years of age that has some fan base to draw upon. there are one or two exceptions to this rule where more recent models are truly interesting and rare.

classic cars

To become a classic car owner involves as much or as little time as you are prepared to invest in your hobby. Many classic car owners are content to maintain their single purchase in their spare time, with the car rarely ever seeing the light of day. There are others however who acquire a collection of cars, join clubs and attend events to show off their prized possessions. Others take their obsession further and enter historic motor racing events such as the ones held annually around the country, a good example being Goodwood in Sussex.

Classic car ownership is a hobby that can take a hold of a man's heart and wallet if he is not too careful and for some only absolute perfection will do. It is here that the concours arena is an owner's natural habitat and where the ultimate immaculate condition of a classic can mean more than the driving experience of that car. These cars are more than likely to be trailered in a protective transporter to avoid any chance of the paintwork or chrome coming to any harm.

At the other end of the scale there are owners for whom originality is all important. These cars are largely as they were when they first came out of the factory and are deliberately maintained in their aging condition. For these owners it is important for them to have a car in its original condition rather than one with the majority of its parts being new and having little historical link with the past. To maintain a classic car like this requires hours of dedication by its owner with parts requiring repair rather than replacement. This can make the classic car ownership prohibitively expensive but when passion is involved, money is often the last consideration.

Running costs of a classic car needn't become too onerous though, as long as the owner adheres to a few ground rules. Taking time out to understand how their particular classic works will save both time and money. Unlike today's cars, older models have their own peculiarities and foibles. Getting to know these and understand how the car works can save money by reducing the cost of repairs. Regular maintenance will also keep running costs to a minimum.

Classic car ownership is a passion and is in many ways like a love affair where the car becomes the centre of the owner's world. Money and extravagant gifts are showered on the vehicle in return for the delights of sharing special times and experiences together.