commercial vehicles general feature

by steve walker

commercial vehicles general feature

Registrations for all commercial vehicles are firmly on the up, with light commercials in particular flying off the forecourts.

It's a cutthroat word out there with every marque scrambling to get the upper hand but before you decide who's product is best for your business, there's the little matter of identifying the type of commercial vehicle that most closely fits your requirements.

In the best crocodile wrestling traditions, we'll start with the smallest - namely, the car-derived van sector. As the title suggests, these are vans that share their underpinnings with cars. There are those that closely resemble their people carrying cousins, with the back seat bench combined with the boot to form the load area, and then there's the more van-like 'hi-cube' versions, with wider, higher load bays. All offer car-style driving positions and handling, with compact dimensions making them ideal for limited-load urban usage.

Next-up the pick-ups, these four-wheel-drive load-luggers have experienced a dramatic surge in popularity recently with business users taking a shine to their versatility. A pick-up can be a rugged workhorse during the week and thoroughbred family transportation on weekends.

Finally, the models that first spring to mind when we think of commercial vehicles - the panel vans. Here there are two rough categories again. The smaller of the two is comprised of MPV-sized vehicles and the larger, your traditional panel vans, is typified by the all-conquering Ford Transit. As a rule you get a high driving position and a prodigious load area on the back while the larger models are usually offered in a bewildering array of derivatives with short and long-wheelbase, varying payloads and numerous cab or load bed options. Specify the combination that best suits you.

Don't be overawed by the levels of choice in the modern commercial vehicle market. Your local dealer will make short work of explaining the ins and outs of the product ranges while offering comprehensive aftersales back-up. All of which leaves you free to keep on trucking.