driving scared

it seems there's an awful lot of nervous people on the roads these days..

driving scared

Three quarters of motorists feel more vulnerable today than they did five ears ago, with many fearing they could become a victim of car crime or road rage.

Recent research, revealed by car care specialists, Motoreasy, found that contrary to popular belief, the younger generation, those aged between 26 - 35, felt more at risk than those aged over 55 (52 per cent vs. 38 per cent).

More than 26 per cent of those quizzed were worried about car crime, while almost one in five were more concerned about the threat of road rage. The sheer weight of traffic now facing motorists on their daily journeys, up nearly 20 per cent in ten years*, left more than 13 per cent feeling uneasy when driving.

Regardless of the inconvenience, breaking down when alone was the major factor for 1 in 12, despite most motorists admitting they carry a mobile phone to contact loved ones or emergency services if they are left stranded.

Top 5 reasons motorists feel more vulnerable:

Concerned about perceived rise in car crime - 26.0%

May become a road rage victim - 18.5%

Increased traffic volumes on the road - 13.5%

Frightened to be alone in broken down car - 8.5%

Wary of strangers - 6.5%

It also seems that in the winter months, the shorter days leave more than two thirds of motorists nervous about grinding to a halt in the dark. In comparison, the rush hour was considered the worst time for 28 per cent.

At Night - 66%

Morning Rush Hour - 17%

Evening Rush Hour - 11%

During the day - 4%

At Weekend - 2%

It terms of where motorists would least like to break down, driving abroad topped the responses with 62 per cent, followed by unfamiliar roads in second with 25 per cent. Predictably, motorists generally felt more at ease driving in their local area.