driving skill - women vs men

battle of the sexes

Women Or Men: Who Is Better At Driving. A Recent Survey Aims To Discover The Answer

Generations of comedians have cracked jokes at the expense of female drivers. And they've been wrong. A recent survey has shown that when it comes to bad attitudes and poor performance behind the wheel of a car, men are as bad, if not worse, than women.

The research undertaken among a 1,000-strong nationally representative by insurance company 'insure' highlights that whilst gender seems no barrier to bad driving, men and women really are from different planets when it comes to driving attitude. The major differences which arose were:

Men are twice as likely to instigate road rage using gestures, so it's not surprising that women are more in favour of points being issued for road rage offences.

Women find manoeuvres such as reversing much more difficult than men, whilst double the amount of men than women said they found turning right to be the hardest manoeuvre!

53% of men admitted to regularly breaking the speed limit compared to only 30% of women

Men think that speeding is much more acceptable than women. 22% of men compared to only 8% of women thought it reasonable to drive at over 90mph on a motorway. 6% of men think it is okay to travel at over 110mph!

The research has shown that the stereotypes attached to men and women seemed appropriate in some instances. Men take on average 13 1/2 lessons to pass their driving test whilst women take 22 lessons on average. Only 3% of males yet 13% of females admitted to having over 30 lessons.