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kids and their parents

Are your children really interested in what you drive? You'd better believe it. Jonathan Crouch has been doing a little research

If we're parents, then we tend to assume that our kids don't really have much of an opinion on our chosen car. As long of course, as it turns up on time to collect them from school and adequately performs a sufficiently efficient taxi service for whatever cubs/brownies/dancing lessons/parties/sleepover event happens to be on their agenda.

Yet in that, we might be wrong. Kids have a surprisingly incisive opinion on most things and cars are no exception. To prove the point, we invited a selection of eight and nine year-old pupils from Dunottar School in Reigate to tell us their opinions on their parents' cars. Here's how they responded.

Annie Smith - 9 years old

Mum & Dad's Car - a Mercedes SL

The Mercedes is the most coolest car in the world. I think it goes very, very fast and is comfortable. I also think it looks amazing in glitzy silver. It feels very safe, even though the roof opens - automatically forward and backwards. I particularly love it when the roof is down because you really hear your speed and the air rushing past. The one thing I don't like about the Mercedes is that my one has no back seats! The other thing I would change is to make my dad drive a bit slower. Still, the main thing is that it is a very very, very good looking car.

Jessica R - 8 years old

Mum & Dad's Car - a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet

This car is so cool. Its seats are furry so you can keep warm and it is very comfortable. The air-conditioning is very cold but you can make it warm as well. There are four seats (which you can move back) and lots of storage. Though the car is quite small inside, there is enough room for one friend to travel with me. The roof can come off if you are hot and when it comes down, I normally tie my hair back. The only thing I would change is the boot because it is too small. My favourite part of the car is the furry seats.

Harriet Sweet - 9 years old

Mum & Dad's Car - a Saab 9-5

Do you want to look cool like a movie star? Then drive a Saab 9-5 like my Dad's! It is very comfortable and there is room for three in the back. There's air conditioning which flows right back on you and is very refreshing and you can choose cold air or hot or both as you're driving along. This car has three cup holders for all sorts of drinks and it has a storage compartment for CDs. Plus it has really cool sunvisors. I think that everyone should have a Saab because it is one of the coolest, fastest cars. It also has enough room to stretch out.

It seems that kids notice more than we think.