nissan 360o vision

most people's have a field of vision of around 120o but nissan has enabled drivers of its recently-launched all-new note to see right around them as they drive and make manoeuvres, through the fitment of cameras around the car.

nissan 360o vision

The Note is the first model in its small car sector to be equipped with advanced 360o monitoring technology. 'Around View Monitor' is a part of Nissan's 'Safety Shield' package which the manufacturer will be rolling out across other models in its range in the near future.

Around View Monitor is akin to having eyes in the back of your head as it enables drivers to see objects that would normally be out of their usual field of vision. When combined with the Safety Shield system, Around View Monitor can make manoeuvring safer and can therefore help reduce the possibility of accidents taking place.

Nissan's revolutionary Safety Shield package also features a Blind Spot Warning System, Lane Departure Warning and Moving Object Detection. A convex-lens camera providing drivers with more than 180o visibility is fitted to the rear of the car just below the rear windscreen. This allows drivers to be alerted to potential hazards such as other vehicles hidden by blind spots or a child walking towards them as they are reversing their Note.

In addition to the rear camera, a further three cameras are fitted, one on each door mirror and another on the car's front grill. By utilising all four cameras and a 5.8-inch screen mounted on the dashboard, Around View Monitor is able to provide drivers with full virtual 360o vision and a bird's-eye view of their vehicle.

New Note is the first car in its area of the market to offer this sophisticated but user-friendly safety package and it does so at an affordable price. Nissan's Chief Marketing Manager for Small Cars in Europe, Geraldine Ingham commented: "From talking to drivers through our research groups we found that being able to see what is happening around them is a key factor in making them feel safer and more confident when driving and manoeuvring. With this in mind, we wanted to develop a technology that gave Nissan drivers a better view of the road."