nissan parking assist

the nissan parking assist option provides drivers with automatic steering for helping them to park without incident. this technology assists drivers in parking their vehicles, making it easy for those who find parking tricky. it automatically operates the steering, leaving the driver free to concentrate on operating the accelerator and brakes as well as checking the surroundings and progress of the park. the system utilizes footage from the around view monitor, which gives drivers a virtual bird's-eye view of the vehicle, allowing drivers to easily see all round the vehicle as the car is parked.

To parallel park the car, the driver pulls up alongside a parked car in front of the designated parking space as normal. With the system engaged, the driver checks the virtual bird's-eye view of the car on the Around View Monitor and confirms the position for the car to park. The vehicle then automatically steers itself into the parking bay. The driver follows the audio signals and instructions displayed on the screen and operates the accelerator and brakes. By moving forward or reversing while adjusting the speed, the car can be parked in the designated area with no further inputs from the driver.

The system is fundamentally configured in the same way as the Around View Monitor. There are four cameras on the car's body (the front, the rear, and both wing mirrors). The system converts video footage from the cameras and composes a virtual bird's-eye view image for the driver.

The system determines the conditions of the surroundings using the virtual bird's-eye view image and then guides the driver along a route to the designated parking position. It calculates this using the radius of gyration, the area where there will be no interference with neighbouring vehicles and a simulation of the vehicle's trajectory to the target parking position. Currently, the Parking Assist option is available on the Qashqai and X-Trail models.