peugeot 'just add fuel'

peugeot expands 'just add fuel (r) for drivers 18 and over


Peugeot is extending the availability of its innovative Just Add Fuel(r) finance package for 18 year olds and over to 208* and 2008 models as well as the 108 which debuted this appealing offer. What's more, this Peugeot promotion is now also available in Northern Ireland. Read on to find out more.

Just Add Fuel(r), PEUGEOT's innovative fixed-cost motoring finance package recently made available to teenage drivers who buy a new Peugeot 108 with a plug-in telematics device has been extended to a wider audience with the 208* and 2008 model range. Drivers in Northern Ireland can also take advantage of the finance package for the very first time.

Since its launch in July 2010, some 30,000 UK drivers have been attracted by the Just Add Fuel(r) finance package's low single fixed monthly payment that covers all motoring costs for a three year period.

There's no need to budget separately for insurance^, servicing, road fund licence and roadside assistance costs - as they are all included. There's no need to search for cheaper insurance each year - it stays the same over the three-year term.

Peugeot's Just Add Fuel(r) provides fixed price motoring for three years which means complete peace-of-mind. It's a completely transparent motoring package with no hidden costs (Representative 4.9% APR finance).

What is more, there is the opportunity to drive a new car every three years, with no MOT or other costs to worry about

Until recently it had only been available to drivers aged 21 or over, but PEUGEOT has again rewritten the retail rule book and, due to telematics technology which monitors a driver's movements, younger motorists can benefit for the first time on a new 208* or 2008 vehicle as well as 108.

Mark Pickles, PEUGEOT UK Marketing Director, commented: Just Add Fuel(r) is recognised as the most significant innovation in vehicle retailing for many years, and this now extends to potential owners of 208* and 2008 vehicles, as well as the 108, further widening its appeal. Our Dealers have experienced an increase in retail sales to adults over 18 years of age since the launch of our new telematics product.

The low monthly costs are made possible with a discreet telematics device; On 108 this plug in device is sent to customers immediately after taking delivery of their car and it attaches to the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port under the steering wheel via a simple installation they can do themselves. On 208 and 2008, customers will receive an installer-fitted unit which an engineer will install.

Via satellite tracking, the telematics device stores and sends data on the vehicle's speed, acceleration, deceleration and lateral G-forces which is then used to assess the customer's driving style and rate each journey made on a scale from 1-100. Customers can access their driving activity via an online portal.

This is regularly monitored by the insurer and an aggregate score awarded. Feedback is provided to assist the customer in improving this if deemed necessary. If the score falls below an agreed threshold, the driver will receive a warning. Four warnings a year will result in the insurance policy being cancelled. Terms and conditions apply.

Just Add Fuel(r) with telematics is also available to PEUGEOT 108, 208* and 2008 buyers aged between 21-75 who do not have two years' No Claim Discount, or have held a full UK driver's licence for less than two years. Customers can build their own quote on line by visiting

Terms and conditions apply. Contact your Peugeot dealer for details. * 208 Gti and 208 Gti by Peugeot Sport models excluded