retail motor industry federation - serving the motoring public

the retail motor industry provides the uk with its largest retail work force. to enable it to progress effectively it needs the direction of a professional organisation - the retail motor industry federation (rmi).

retail motor industry federation - serving the motoring public

Originally formed as the Motor Agents Association more than eighty years ago, the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) represents the interests of thousands of retail businesses who are operating within or supporting the automotive industry. Its members include those involved in the selling or servicing of new and used cars, vans, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, supplying petrol and diesel to the public, motor auctions, cherished number plates, carrying out MoT tests and providing training and specialist mechanical services.

Members of the RMI receive support from the Federation in their efforts to provide the highest standards of operation, which in turn benefits the retailer, their customers and the motoring public. By providing a 'badge of quality', the RMI allows motorists to have peace of mind, but customers must ask first if a garage is a member.

To join the organisation, prospective members must surpass rigorous industry standards before becoming accredited. All RMI members are expected to maintain a high standard of service by providing suitable premises, equipment and trained personnel.

Recognised as the definitive retail motor industry organisation, the RMI represents its members by lobbying Government, the European Commission, manufacturers and suppliers on important issues such as vehicle clocking, MoT testing, minimum wage, vehicle excise duty and the environmental effect of the motor vehicle.

If you'd like advice or guidance on car and bike dealers, service, repair, bodyshops and garages, then the RMI's Consumer Motorline on 0845 305 4230 will no doubt be able to help. You can find out which garages in your area are RMI members, who have agreed to abide by its Code of Practice drawn up in conjunction with the Office of Fair Trading. As an added reassurance, any problems that cannot be solved through direct consultation can be forwarded to the RMI's National Conciliation Service who independently and impartially resolve any disputes.

In conclusion, the motoring public can rest assured that whatever service they require, there's a Retail Motor Industry Federation member who'll provide it, along with all the safeguards that are needed to ensure that their motoring experience is happy one.