speeding - thrilled by speed

britain is thrilled by speed, a recent survey has revealed

A survey released recently has revealed that over 90% of drivers in the country admit to frequently exceeding the speed limit whenever they get the opportunity. The research also showed that a reckless 43% of drivers would exceed the speed limit by at least 20mph if they felt they were not going to get caught.

In 30mph zones, 84% of those questioned admitted that they often surpassed the legal limit if they felt it was safe to do so and thought that they were not going to get stopped by police. For motorways and a 70mph top speed, 91% of the drivers interviewed said that they had no qualms about surpassing this speed, given safety and policing considerations.

Perhaps even more worryingly, when asked whether they would exceed the speed limit by at least 20mph - to over 50mph and over 90mph respectively - 48% and 62% of drivers admitted that they would if the circumstances and conditions were right.

21% of drivers admitted to driving at speeds of over 100mph on more than one occasion in the last year. The results are certain to cause concern amongst road safety campaigners and responsible drivers alike.