the advanced motorcycle test

there are definite advantages to taking the advanced riding course and passing the test. firstly, the overall running costs of riding your machine are likely to be reduced with decreased fuel consumption, tyre wear and less wear and tear on its brakes. you can also take advantage of discounts on insurance premiums as a number of insurance companies offer substantial reductions on the cost of premiums to those riders who have passed the advanced motorcycle test.

Improved safety for you and other road users also makes taking the course worthwhile, while advanced instruction should teach you to be more observant while out on the road helping you to spot possible dangerous conditions ahead, giving you plenty of time to plan and react to the changed situation before it's too late. You will enjoy your riding more as you'll feel more confident and relaxed. Indeed, your improved riding skills could not only save someone's life - they could also save yours.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) advanced riding test is the only test of its kind that is monitored and approved by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

It's regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging available and offers a grading system with passes at bronze, silver and gold level, with a RoSPA Gold being the highest civilian riding standard available. The test also provides a detailed report of every aspect of a candidate's riding and riders are asked to retake the RoSPA test every three years.

The RoSPA Advanced Driver's Association consists of groups of experienced and trained volunteers around the country who help prepare people for their advanced test. The examiner will be looking for a satisfactory display of safe, systematic and smooth riding. After the test, he will comment on your weaknesses and give advice and suggestions on how to improve.

If you pass the test you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you really are a good rider. Remember though, that it's unlikely that anyone will gain a high grade without a good knowledge of the Highway Code and motorcycle road craft.