the benefits of car and van hire

with an increasing number of companies promising to have 'the right goods, in the right place, at the right time', their first priority must be to invest in the right vehicles and have them available and working at all times.

the benefits of car and van hire

Choosing the right car or van can be a difficult task. Whether you need to increase your fleet temporarily in order to meet increased workloads, replace a vehicle that is being repaired or when you're trying to decide which vehicle to buy, self-drive hire rather than purchasing the vehicle could provide the ideal solution for your business.

With such a large investment at stake, when you're thinking of buying, you might find that hiring the vehicle will provide a more solid platform on which to base your decision or it may just suit your business to hire the vehicle on a long term contract.

The major benefit of hiring a vehicle to a business is that its capital is not being tied up in what is essentially a depreciating asset. By hiring a vehicle over an extended period the company can negotiate a low rental rate and ensure that all servicing, repair and replacement costs are taken out of the equation. When the car or van is due for a service or repair, the rental company will supply a replacement so your business can continue unimpeded. Taken over an extended period of say 3 or 4 years, the option to rent a vehicle can prove to be the wise choice in some circumstances.

Choosing the right self-drive hire company is also a must. You'll need to find a professional outlet, with approachable staff, who are well versed in the needs of both business users and private individuals. In short, a company which has your interests at heart.

Look for a company that offers a wide selection of models and, if necessary, ask for advice about the vehicle that would best suit your needs. Price is always an important consideration, so check that the rates are competitive - there may be special deals available and significant discounts for long-term hires.

Finally, a self-drive hire outlet that has its own workshop facilities run by skilled technicians will provide added peace-of-mind.

In conclusion, when you are considering the purchase of new vehicles for your business consider the advantages of self-drive hire as this may free up valuable working capital to your business and provide you with a hassle-free solution to your transportation requirements.