vehicle mods that can affect your insurance premium

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vehicle mods that can affect your insurance premium

It may be little known that adding the latest mods to your car can have an impact on the cost of your insurance. But how do you know which car modifications will cost you the most, and which ones are actually saving you money?

To give you some guidance on this, we're going to draw on data from a recent survey by GoCompare which recently pulled together a list of the top vehicle modifications, and the average price paid for car insurance with each modification between January - December 2020. The idea was to find out which mods are most likely to increase the price of your insurance or bring it down. Bear in mind throughout that a car with no modifications costs drivers an average of £644.10 in insurance.

1) Nitrous oxide can increase premiums by up to 378%

The data revealed that modifying a car with a nitrous oxide kit is likely to increase your car insurance premium the most. Cars with this mod quoted an average premium of £3,126.74, that's £2,462.64 more than the average premium for a car with no modifications. This is a huge 378.82% increase in cost.

Nitrous oxide is a very simple way of adding power to your car - but evidently also very costly. Increasing the amount of oxygen within your car can cause serious damage within the combustion chamber. Not only could this cause significant damage to the car itself, but also to the driver.

2) Blueprinting can cost drivers 212% more on insurance

Blueprinting came out as the second most expensive car modification. It will set you back an average of £2,074.18 when purchasing your insurance premium. You can save £1,410.08 if you don't have this modification. By blueprinting your car, you can see your average best premium skyrocket 212.33%.

Blue Printing is the process of taking the turbocharger apart and replacing those parts to either restore or increase horsepower. The average driver is unlikely to be modifying their cars, but those with a need for speed or avid car enthusiasts just might. Remember, the more powerful the car, the more expensive your insurance will be.

3) Flared wings can increase premiums by an average of 183%

Flared wings are an aesthetic piece of mod kit that could cost you an average of £1,219.92 more for your insurance premium, with cars featuring these mods quoting an average premium of £1,884.02. They're supposed to give more visibility to the wheels by increasing the gap to protect the wheels. Wing flares are used when the car goes over a large bump in the road, it won't clash with the body of the car.

The data showed that having rally lights on your car can actually bring your car insurance premium down, by 24% (£160.55). In short, the more lights your car has, the more visibility you will have when you're out and about driving, especially if you're driving at night.

Wheelchair adaptation can also bring your car insurance premium down by 23%. Whether that's from adding a swivel cushion or to something more dynamic, making your vehicle accessible for a wheelchair user can actually be seen as an extra to bring insurance premiums down.

Whilst some people might think that adding a tow bar to your car might hike your insurance, GoCompare's data found that it was the opposite. Having a tow bar fitted might actually bring your car insurance down by 22%, but make sure you get it fitted correctly - if not and you have an accident, it could invalidate your claim.