what to do after a traffic accident in your car

it's a nightmare scenario: a crash in your car. you might be tempted to go to pieces if it happens. but don't: just try and remember these simple tips:

what to do after a traffic accident in your car

* Stop the car - it is illegal to drive away from the scene of a crash, whether the damage is severe or not.

* Turn off your engine and turn on your hazard lights.

* Check for injuries on yourself and any passengers in the vehicle. Even if no one is hurt, note down the condition of all parties at the scene as this could be helpful if someone tries making an injury claim against you.

* Dial 999 for an ambulance if anyone is injured, or notify the police if the road is blocked.

* Exchange details with everyone involved, including name, address and car registration number.

* Do not admit fault - even a simple apology can be used against you when making a compensation claim.

Here's also some insight into how to get back in the driver's seat after a crash:

* Talk to someone - For some people, talking about anxieties and fears can help to work through difficult emotions surrounding the crash, and dispel nerves about driving again.

* Give yourself time -The recovery period for any traumatic event takes time, and trying to drive again before you are ready can do more harm than good. For some people it takes days and for others months, however, the best thing to do is wait until you feel ready to drive.

* Take some driving lessons - Driving lessons are not just for those learning to drive but can be helpful for anyone recovering from a road collision. If you feel a loss of confidence or a decline in your driving skills, refresher driving lessons could be your answer to getting back on the roads.