whiplash how to avoid it

whiplash is one of the most common injuries in car accidents. it occurs in 50% of these terrible incidents. research reveals that the injury affects approximately 250,000 people each year, shouldn't someone be doing something about it? the question is what can you do?

It is up to the driver to take the necessary precautions to eliminate the possibility of whiplash. One of the ways the driver can reduce the risk of whiplash is to adjust the headrest appropriately. More than half of headrests in all cars are not correctly fitted to the drivers height and size, this is one of the main causes of whiplash in an accident. The insurance companies get a rough time here as they have to pay compensation to the driver if they acquire whiplash in an accident, when it could have been prevented if the driver was correctly seated and headrest in the suitable posture.

The suitable position for the headrest is 9 centimetres from your head's centre of gravity and as close to the back of your head as possible, no more than seven centimetres away. Another way of reducing the risk of whiplash is to stay calm during an accident. Whiplash is caused by stress which makes the neck tense, so when the neck is jolted sharply it pulls the neck muscles.