winter motorcycling

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winter motorcycling

Winter can be brutal for motorcyclists! Like any other type of machinery, you have difficulty in operating your vehicle. While cruising down country roads or motorways, the wind chill factors can make your experience nearly unbearable. Your body can instantly transform into a human icicle. Thus, you should take certain precautions to ensure that you and your motorcycle are aptly prepared for the wintertime. Here are some guidelines to help you achieve that goal:

1. Use a windshield

This step is vital. The weather's wind chill factor can make a cold day, simply freezing. Use a windshield to safeguard yourself from such bitter-cold gusts.

2. Review road condition reports and weather reports

It is vital that you are aware of the weather and road condition reports for the particular course that you will be taking. The farther away from home you ride the more important it is to get the latest versions of these reports.

3. Keep an eye on motorcycle fluids

Several types of motorcycle oils are available on the market. Which one is ideal for winter riding? The 10w-40w would be ideal for winter cruising.

Also, if your motorcycle is of the liquid-cooled variety, verify that the anti-freeze reading is adequate for the temperature range in which you will be riding.

4. Wear warm boots

Make sure to wear warm motorcycle boots, such as Harley Davidson motorcycle boots. Most importantly, keep your feet dry! Some boots contain a waterproofing treatment on the outside, or a waterproof liner on the interior of the boot.

5. Keep your body covered and airtight

Make sure that you expose none of your body to the winter air, or that cold air could penetrate your clothing easily. You can find specialized winter clothing that manufacturers designed for motorcyclists.

6. Keep your battery powered up

Any battery is only useful if you have powered it up. Do some test runs to verify that your battery can withstand the rigors of icy gusts. In addition, use a Battery Tender to keep the battery charged.

7. Never sacrifice mobility for warmth

When selecting your wintertime riding gear, avoid choosing gear that will hinder your overall mobility while cruising. For instance, bulky clothing and full-face types of helmets could prevent you from moving easily and freely.

8. Consider electric gloves and vests

These battery-operated items can add extra warmth on frigid days.

9. Consider the dangers to you and your bike

Wintertime can be downright dangerous to you and your motorcycle. It is important that you take certain precautions, to ensure the safety of you and motorcycle. In fact, it is not enough to simply pile on more gear and then reveal how Herculean you are, by riding in the coldest of temperatures. If you are going to enjoy winter riding, do it safely.

Many of us are hesitant to enjoy motorcycling during the frigid temperatures and relentless winds of wintertime. The conditions may make us cold to the idea. However, by taking some basic precautions, we can keep our motorcycles and ourselves warm and running!